Hard Cider

2013 is our second year selling hard cider and we have a great line-up — it’s only too bad that 2012 was such a poor crop and we have so little to sell this year. We promise more — much more — in 2014.

Since we have so little hard cider in 2013, it will be available for sale only at the orchard. We’re open this fall on Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00-6:00.

UPDATE: We’ve sold out of all of our bottled hard cider in 2013. It will be available again in 2014 starting in April or May.

Scrumpy Original

The original workaday cider.
Not too sweet, not too dry, just
an easy drinking cider that’s
perfect for a weekday. A lightly
fruity aroma gives way to a
pleasant mouthful of robust cider.
Straightforward, basic, and
eminently drinkable. Don’t
think too deeply about
this one — just enjoy it (on a
daily basis!).


Northern Spy

Our flagship off-dry cider made
exclusively from Northern Spy
apples. We try to let the apples
really shine through on this one
and speak for themselves. This
cider is particularly excellent
with food, from a traditional
pairing with pork to Shepherd’s
Way Friesago cheese, which is
what we sample it with here
at the orchard.


Scrumpy Sweet

Scrumpy Sweet is the sweetened
version of Scrumpy — but not
sweetened with sugar. Instead,
we sweeten Scrumpy with
freshly-pressed apple cider. Of
all our ciders, this one is the
sweetest. But at the same time,
it contains a true apple essence
that you can only get from
freshly-pressed cider, making it
a particularly seasonable


Roundabout is our batch-
numbered cider that changes
every season, and sometimes
more than once a season
depending on our other fruit
harvests (like berries and
currants) and how inventive
we’re feeling. Bought a bottle
of Roundabout for home?
Remind yourself what you’re
drinking by checking your
batch number.


 Scrumpy Gold

Based on our Scrumpy,
Scrumpy Gold is blended
with crabapples to give it
a tannic profile
that’s more characteristic
of English ciders than
mainstream U.S. ciders.
More tannins mean more
of a tastebud challenge,
so this cider’s a great one
to try for folks with a more
developed cider palate.


Love our labels? We do too! Can you believe we were lucky enough to have a customer of ours design them for us? He’s also selling apples for us this year at the Bloomington Farmers Market, along with his family. See more of Sam Falbo’s work at his online portfolio.

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