A Flavor-Filled Weekend

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There are a few things we’re excited about this week, and two of them are particularly Minnesotan, including this first point of. . . the weather. It’s dry! We were tickled pink by a dry week and a few breezy days too that kept mosquitos and yellow jackets at bay while we were picking. Being an avid weather watcher seems as Minnesotan to me as rhubarb and Haralson apples, so speaking of . . .

The Haralson apples are ripe and big and beautiful. They were really the first apple emerge unscathed from May 15’s frost in that the frost seemed to kill off some of the developing applets, but it didn’t really scar them like it scarred the Honeycrisp and the Keepsake. Old School Minnesota defers to Haralsons rather than Honeycrisps as the apple of choice and they’re getting top billing this year with a sweeter-than-average flavor and a deeper-than-average color.

The third thing we’re excited about is Saturday’s 1st annual MN Farm Cidery Festival. And while we’re looking forward to having our friends from Keepsake Cidery, Milk and Honey CidersNumber 12 Cider House, and Wyndfall Cyder at the orchard, we’re especially excited to share apples and ciders that will be new to so many people (even though some of the apples are very old). Here’s one of the apples we’ll be tasting: an unnamed variety, but one that was key to the “English Farmhouse” cider we made back in 2014. Expect to try a lot more including Chisel Jersey, Black Oxford, and Pomme Gris, plus some single variety and dual variety ciders.


Ciders available this week: Whippersnapper, MN Mule, Farm Dog Dry (Dogwood Coffee collaboration), Farm Dog Fresh (Dogwood Coffee collaboration), Cuban Garden Party, and the usuals (Scrumpy Original, Scrumpy Sweet, Cherry Rhubarb Scrumpy, Perennial, Northern Spy)

Fruit available this week: Shamrock, Macintosh, Cortland, Ruby Jon, and Haralson. Freshly pressed raw cider too!

Fruit available next week: Honeygold for sure, and maybe also Regent and Prairie Spy

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