And for Our Fourth Anniversary, We Dug Post Holes

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Mike and I celebrated our fourth anniversary earlier this month. We don’t have any set traditions yet (give it a few years), but this year’s celebration involved digging post holes.

I know. How romantic.

In the normal course of a day, Mike does his work and I do my work and for the most part, we can do that work on our own. But every so often a project brings us together to work and we always have fun doing it. I actually feel lucky that we get to work together, which is something that other couples, especially non-farming couples or couples that don’t own their own businesses, don’t get as many opportunities to do.

The post hole digger was new to us since a neighbor had been borrowing it since we moved in. In the time it took Mike to dig a single hole by hand last year, we got 12 holes dug for our new raspberry trellises. We’re so proud of our raspberry patch now, which actually looks manageable and will allow for much easier raspberry picking (and far fewer encounters with thistle).

New Raspberry Trellises
New raspberry trellises

The entire berry patch (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, red currants, black currants, gooseberries, and blackberries) is a work in progress as we try to generate mulch from on-orchard sources like wood chips and lawn clippings, but we’ll get there.

Berry Patch
Berry patch

And we’ll have an immediately obvious reminder of our fourth anniversary “celebration” for many years to come.

(Coincidentally, Emily Zweber of the Zweber Family Farm posted about a recent date night with her husband that sounded a lot like ours!)

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