And Now for Something a Little Different

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On Saturday, October 17, we’re doing a few things a little differently:

  • How do fried grit cakes with a spicy remoulade sauce strike you? Or ground bison empanadas with chimichurri sauce?
  • Or a new cider on our batch-numbered Roundabout label?
  • Or an “after hours” jazz performance from a bass/drum/vibraphone trio?

“Different” is sounding pretty good to us!

We’re pretty excited to be broadening our horizons a bit from our usual day-time weekend hours. The barn is a pretty cozy place to be in the evening, and a bonfire hits all of the fall harvest notes just right.

The food for this event is coming from a special place: we met Gwen Anderson and Dave Hagedorn (more on Dave below) when they visited the orchard last fall. Their routine form of tourism seems to involve a trip to a winery, brewery, or distillery and our mouths watered as they sat at our bar last fall and told us about all the trips they’d taken. Since then, Gwen has hosted a pop-up dinner at the orchard during apple blossom season in May and it was a pleasure to work with such a thoughtful chef. Her menus are rooted in local food, delicious, and well-paired to our ciders. Saturday’s menu pricing is ala carte.

Roundabout #6 has been in the works since the winter as it’s been aging on oak. Oak totally mellows out our characteristically-high acid cider and, this time, we’re fortifying it with apple brandy. It’s spicy and warm and a perfect accompaniment to cold weather and fireplaces.


Finally, we come to the jazz. We’ll be hosting the Good Vibes Trio for two sets on the 17th, one at 6:30 and one at 8:00. Your $10 cover gets you in to both sets (tickets at the door, no pre-sales) along with a glass of Roundabout #6. Members of the trio include Phil Hey on drums, Dave Hagedorn on vibraphone (or “vibes” if you’re in the know), and Chris Bates on bass. It’s especially cool to host this trio because I’ve been a fan of Chris Bates’ music since high school. The band he was in at the time was called The Little Big Band (they later changed their name to the Motion Poets) and they must’ve had a standing set at a coffeeshop in St. Paul’s Lowertown called Copernicus (now the Black Dog Coffee and Wine Bar). My best friend, Jon, and I would make the trip from Hastings to St. Paul almost weekly and feel way cooler than I’m sure we looked.

We hope you can make it on the 17th for a great menu, an intimate performance, and a memorable evening at the orchard.

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