Wassail 2017

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Wassail 2017 will be on Saturday, January 14 from 3:00-6:00. Join us for cider, a bonfire, toast & fixings, and an orchard walk to toast the orchard’s good health. Wassailing is a tradition in English cider orchards to wish the trees good health and a good harvest in the coming year. Though details differ from […]

Summer Update

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Our summer update in a nutshell: weeds, black raspberries, weeds, weeds, raspberries, weeds, weeds, weeds, apples! It’s only July 26, but we already picked our first bunch of apples, the Pristine variety, which is an excellent-quality summer apple. Honestly, they’re so good that the rest of the summer apples will be destined for the cider […]

Winter at the Orchard

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Taking a break from reports on cider school, here are some pictures of winter in the orchard. In sum: it involves a lot of walks, pulling Audrey in the sled, critter hunting (Clementine and Fletcher), and visiting the neighbor’s horses over the fence line. It’s been a gorgeous winter so far, so yes — this […]

A Novel Use for Tea Bags

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We’ve lived here at the orchard for fewer than two years and as with any old-but-new-to-you residence, there were a number of projects we’ve had to take on, a couple of those relating to bats. Ugh. Roxy, our feline bat catcher, was doing a fine job but we preferred that she not have to catch […]

Pruning . . .and Nachos?

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We’ve established a tradition down here at the orchard: eating nachos during pruning season. I hadn’t even realized it was a tradition until Mike came in the other week and said “I’m in the mood for nachos.” Then I realized: we’d created an association between pruning and nachos. Let me explain. During our first season […]