Deep into Apple Season

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This update’s a bit late for us, so we’ll get right to the essential information:

  1. We have raw cider this weekend, all packaged in half-gallons.
  2. The apples are just beautiful right now. This weekend we have Haralson, Prairie Spy, Regent, Cortland, Scarlet Surprise, Spartan, and Honeygold. Keepsake and Greening will come next week. The Fireside were victims of the May freeze, so all of you Fireside lovers will have to wait until next year.
  3. We don’t have Whippersnapper or Borealis this weekend. We are hoping to have both next weekend (plus pumpkin Whippersnapper).
  4. On the plus side, we do have our Dogwood ciders (Farm Dog Fresh and Farm Dog Dry), Roundabout #5 (rye whiskey barrel), MN Mule, and Jackalope.

We’ll leave you in this truncated post with some photos of pressing cider, which is largely how we spent our day. All photos courtesy of Jennifer Simonson.

Pressing, Step One
Mike filling the first layer of press cloths with ground apples. Another set of “cheeses” (ground apples wrapped in cloth) is already positioned to be pressed. The hydraulics actually press upward, to squeeze the racks and cheeses against the top wooden plate.
By the third layer, the ground apples weigh enough that they begin to press juice out of the layers underneath. Here, Mike is wrapping the ground apples in the cloth to make the “cheese.”

Almost to the top. Mike typically fits seven or eight layers before sliding the trolley over to be pressed.
Juice collects in the trolley and drains down into a stainless steel catch basin.


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