End of the Season

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We have to admit that we’re a little sad. The orchard is quiet, much sooner than it should be.

It’s not uncommon for us to be sad at the end of the season, but it’s usually tempered by exhaustion and relief. This year, we’ve got more to give.

We still feel a little disoriented too by the disconnect between the calendar and the landscape, as we have all year. The orchard looks like it’s late October or early November. So do the fields around us. But there’s nothing we can do about it so we’ll just look forward, as we have all year long.

n early morning walk in the orchard
Walking up the path back to the barn after scouting the apples on the morning after the party. We had enough to be open on Sunday, but barely. The Malinda tree at left was an exception. Since nobody picks Malindas, I’ll use them in apple butter again this year.

It’s come to an abrupt ending, but an ending with a bang. We weren’t able to fully experience last Saturday’s party since we were in the barn sampling apples and hard cider, but folks said it was a great time and we heard lots of requests to do it again. We’ll do everything we can to make that happen.

Chef Erick and the pig
Chef Erick Harcey and the pig. Turns out that mini cider donuts (rejects from the morning) go great with roast pig drippings. Credit that idea to the chefs.

In terms of the night being a benefit, it was a resounding success and we’re humbled to be the beneficiaries of your generosity and the generosity of the folks who made it happen. Dan Anderson from Dogwood Coffee deserves credit for coming up with the idea in the first place and pulling everything together. Also due credit are Erick Harcey (Victory 44), Solveig Tofte (Sun Street Breads), Steve Horton (Rustica Bakery), Nathan Berndt (Indeed Brewing), and Ben Kyle for donating their time and the fruits of their labors. When you think about where to get your coffee or where to dine, remember the community-mindedness and good natures of these folks.

Decorated Tractor
My grandpa and my cousin decorated the tractor for the night. Mike wasn’t keen on keeping the lights on it after the party.

We’ll be in touch as we schedule special events in the off-season (home brewers and home apple growers — take notice!). If you want to see what life at the orchard is like during the off season, follow us on Twitter or on Facebook for your fill of all the nature photos you could possibly want to see (plus chickens, dogs, Mike’s pruning injuries, and much, much more).

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