We make dry and off-dry ciders that don't shy away from acid. Our basic ingredients are simple -- apples and yeast -- though we also like to experiment with other ingredients that can be grown in Minnesota. You can find our hard cider at the orchard during the fall (by the bottle or glass) and at a number of establishments year-round.

Scrumpy Original

The original workaday cider. Made from Minnesota-grown apples, this unfiltered cider tends toward tart and dry. 7% ABV

Scrumpy Sweet

Scrumpy Original plus freshly-pressed apple cider. The sweetest cider we make, but with a true apple essence that you can get only from fresh-pressed cider. Great in the fall when it's prime cider-drinking time, but also refreshing served chilled in the summer. 7% ABV

Cherry Rhubarb Scrumpy

It started as a way to use the extra rhubarb from the garden, but this rosy refresher quickly became an indisputable favorite. Just the right mix of fruit and bite. 6.95% ABV


Made from heirloom apple varieties that have been grown for over 150 years, this brilliant cider brings apple to your nose and is delicious on its own or paired with a meal. 7% ABV

Northern Spy

An assertive cider with a long finish, this dry cider is made exclusively from Northern Spy apples. Particularly excellent with food, this complex cider benefits from careful attention to the way it works on your palate. 7% ABV


Roundabout is our batch-numbered cider that changes every season, and sometimes more than once a season depending on our other fruit harvests (like berries and currants) and how inventive we're feeling. Bought a bottle of Roundabout for home? Remind yourself what you're drinking by checking your batch number. 6%-7% ABV


Whippersnapper is an extremely young hard cider that is available only at the orchard in the fall. We pitch yeast into a Scrumpy blend, let it ferment for a week or less, and then chill it to stop fermentation. It's a perfect blend of apple cider sweetness with a little bit of a kick. 2-3% ABV.