Our Hard Cider

You can find our hard cider at the orchard during the fall (by the bottle or glass) and at a number of establishments year-round.

Scrumpy Original

Scrumpy Original Label, a workaday hard cider

The original workaday cider.
Not too sweet, not too dry, just
an easy drinking cider that’s
perfect for a weekday. A lightly
fruity aroma gives way to a
pleasant mouthful of
straightforward and
exceptionally drinkable cider.
Don’t think too deeply about
this one — just enjoy it (on a
daily basis!). Made from MN
apples. 7% ABV

Northern Spy

Northern Spy label, a complex hard cider

An assertive cider with
a long finish, this dry
cider is made exclusively
from Northern Spy
apples. Particularly
excellent with food, this
complex cider benefits
from careful
attention to the way it
works on your palate.
7% ABV


Scrumpy Sweet

Scrumpy Sweet label, a hard cider sweetened with fresh-pressed cider

Scrumpy Original plus
freshly-pressed apple cider.
The sweetest cider we make,
but with a true apple essence
that you can get only from
fresh-pressed cider. Great in
the fall when it’s prime cider-
drinking time, but also
refreshing served chilled in
the summer.
6% ABV


Scrumpy Gold

Scrumpy Gold label, an elegant hard cider made from a blend of heirloom apple varieties

An elegant cider blended from
heirloom American apple
varieties. Delicate and refined,
its sweetly grassy notes
pair well with greens,
pasta, and many lightly-
seasoned foods.
7% ABV





Roundabout label, a batch-numbered hard ciderRoundabout is our batch-
numbered cider that changes
every season, and sometimes
more than once a season
depending on our other fruit
harvests (like berries and
currants) and how inventive
we’re feeling. Bought a bottle
of Roundabout for home?
Remind yourself what you’re
drinking by checking your
batch number. 6%-7% ABV



Whippersnapper label, a young hard cider

Whippersnapper is an
extremely young hard cider
that is available only at the
orchard in the fall. We
pitch yeast into a Scrumpy
blend, let it ferment for a
week or less, and then chill it
to stop fermentation. It’s a
perfect blend of apple cider
sweetness with a little bit
of a kick. 2-3% ABV.


Love our labels? We do too! Can you believe we were lucky enough to have a customer of ours design them for us? He’s also at the orchard on Sundays this fall, along with his family. See more of Sam Falbo’s work at his online portfolio.