MEA Bonus Day, Whippersnapper, and Keepsakes

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This is the season that keeps giving, mostly because it’s been a spectacularly long growing season. All of the apples would usually be off the trees by now in anticipation of a hard freeze, but the lowest temperature we’ve had this fall is only 30 degrees. Late-season apples can tolerate that temperature due to their high sugar content, which means that we still have Regent, Haralson, Greening, Keepsake, and Malinda on the trees. We’ve had Regent and Haralson in previous weeks, and we’ll get at least some of those last three varieties off the trees and into the barn this weekend.

Our weekend starts a little earlier this week with an MEA bonus on Friday evening the 21st. Starting at 5:00, we’ll have apple and cider tastings, a paella extravaganza from Gwen Anderson, and the coolest jazz trio in the Twin Cities, Good Vibes, starting at 7:00. A $10 cover gets you in for the music, and kids are free. Gwen always has great menu, including gluten-free and vegan options. The menu on Friday includes a “build your own paella” option (V or GF), beef and cheddar handpies, corn fritters (V, GF), freshly made chips and salsa (V, GF), raspberry white chocolate cheesecake, and flourless chocolate cake (GF). Yes please to all of that.

Barn at night
During last year’s Good Vibes event, all cozy and warm in the barn.

We’ll also have Whippersnapper this weekend but not until Saturday. We’re planning to bottle Borealis, our ice cider, on Friday but I hate to count my chickens until they’ve hatched and so I promise to update Facebook and Twitter with ice cider news as soon as I have it.

Roundabout J bottle
Roundabout J, for Jackalope, is a fresh-hopped version of our MN Mule cider.

Ciders available this week: Jackalope (fresh-hopped MN Mule), Whippersnapper (if you really want it, come Saturday), MN Mule, Farm Dog Dry (Dogwood Coffee collaboration), Farm Dog Fresh (Dogwood Coffee collaboration), Cuban Garden Party, and the usuals (Scrumpy Original, Scrumpy Sweet, Cherry Rhubarb Scrumpy, Perennial, Northern Spy, Wassail). Also: we still have raw cider available.

Apple varieties available this week: Cortland, Greening, Haralson, Honeygold, Keepsake, Malinda, Prairie Spy, Regent.

Will we be open next week? The forecast looks promising. Check back on Monday.

Breakfast Whippersnapper
Whippersnapper rocking it hard at breakfast. To impress, get some Greenings and make some delicious apple cheddar scones.

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