Northern Spy (cider, that is) and a preview of what’s yet to come this fall

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We’re so excited to have 2014’s vintage of Northern Spy in the bottle as of this Wednesday. It is a lovely golden color with a honeyed aroma and an assertive tartness that sparks your taste buds. Mike and I have tasted it only in small increments and so we’re each sitting down with a glass right now to see what that experience is like. It is intense! Now we have to start tasting it with food. I’m sure we’ll get a good chance to do that this weekend with our favorite cider-pairing cheese, Shepherd’s Way Friesago.

Northern_Spy_750.inddWe promised last year that we wouldn’t bottle any hard cider in the fall when we’re so busy with apples and fresh cider but as it turns out, not only did we bottle Northern Spy, but we’re also planning to bottle Roundabout #6, an apple brandy oak-aged cider, and a style of cider completely new to us: ice cider. Oh yeah — and Pumpkin Whippersnapper too! Our friend, Gwen Anderson, will be catering a special menu for the Roundabout and Pumpkin Whippersnapper releases toward the end of October, but we’ll let you know more details of that later. Of all the promises to break, I guess that one wasn’t so bad. And it’s exciting to share all of the new ciders with you during the fall when we can actually try them with you. It’s been a soggy week here, but we’ll have some new apple varieties for you this weekend: Shamrock and Honeygold join last week’s apple line-up of Honeycrisp, Regent, Chestnut Crab, and McIntosh. The pears and plums have finally exhausted themselves for the year. If you’re on tenterhooks for Haralson or Prairie Spy, we’re thinking next week. Hope you get a chance to stop and smell the flowers this weekend. Monarch with the purple asters

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