One Last Hurrah for the Season

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I’ve been a bit distracted by the weather. All fall, the weather’s felt so off: how wet it’s been, how warm and humid recent mornings have been, the sheer length of the growing season, and now today’s 70 degrees. I do try my best, though, to live in the moment and to observe what’s in front of me. So instead of feeling this vague, weather-related suspicion that’s been hanging over me all fall, I’m trying to focus on the fact that it’s our last weekend open for the season.

The barn this morning

For us, the apple season means welcoming a lot of people to our orchard, reconnecting with folks who have been coming here for years, three-day weekends with all of the grandparents, and as many opportunities as we can take to celebrate fall. But I have to admit that what I’m thinking about the most right now — in my attempt to live fully in the present — is about the fact that it’s our last weekend for cider donuts. You can be certain I’ll enjoy my fill of them this weekend.

Cider donuts next to my next favorite apple-related pastry, a turnover.

I don’t expect we’ll be too terribly busy this weekend what with Halloween being on Monday. We’ll put the coffee and the hot cider on and make pastries in ample quantities and enjoy the chance to visit at a slower pace than earlier in the season. After all, although we do have a bit more work to do before the snow flies, we’re looking forward to hibernation season, to hunkering down and staying in.

Our next gathering at the orchard will be in January for wassailing. If our record holds, we’ll be wassailing on the coldest day of the year, so tentatively mark your calendars for January 14. If you can’t make it out this weekend, we hope to see you then.

Apples this week: Cortland, Greening, Haralson, Honeygold, Keepsake, Malinda, Prairie Spy, Regent

Ciders this week: Pumpkin Whippersnapper, Borealis, the last of Roundabout #6, Jackalope, MN Mule, Roundabout #5 (rye whiskey), and the usual suspects (Northern Spy, Perennial, scrumpies). No raw cider this weekend.

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