Only Two Weekends Left? (plus jazz and an exciting new cider!)

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How can it be that there are only two weekends left for being open this fall? The weather has hardly begun to feel fall-like; we still have lots of apples — especially Haralson and Keepsake — on the trees; and the real kicker is that it just doesn’t feel like November (and Thanksgiving) is on the horizon, does it?

Nope, we’re not ready for that at all! If we’ve got two weekends left, we’re going to enjoy them in their full glory! This weekend’s a banner weekend for living large.

View from the ladder

We have jazz at the orchard on Saturday evening! And a menu! And a new cider release! I’m really excited about how Roundabout #6 is turning out. Mike’s working on it *right now* in the cidery as I work inside the house, and I can’t wait for my second taste. We knew it was going to be oak-aged and fortified with apple brandy, but he thought it needed a little bit more . . .

We are *really* looking forward to our evening of music, food, and cider among adults. We are rarely (never?) open in the evening, so this Saturday is a really special thing. To be honest, we’re a little nervous about it since we’re used to entertaining guests with fresh air, apple slices, and a dog. I’m thinking that when 6:00 rolls around, I’ll have to change out of my daytime rubber boots into evening footwear more appropriate to the occasion.

We’re also going to be at the Mpls. St. Paul magazine’s Harvest Beer Festival on Saturday. This year’s festival is at Bachman’s on Lyndale in Minneapolis and thanks to our friend, Larry, we’re participating in the “Fresh Hop Throwdown” this year too (because Larry grew hops. Thank you, Larry!). The festival sold out last year and there were so many good things to drink there — a totally worthwhile ticket. If you’re not convinced, check out highlights from last year.

But thinking now of the apples that we’ll have this weekend: I spent this afternoon picking the last few Prairie Spy apples from the tops of the trees and boy, was it windy up high on that ladder! It’s been a lovely year for Prairie Spy and I think we’ve converted a lot of folks over to this underappreciated apple. We still have plenty of them left and will be sampling them alongside Fireside, Haralson, Bonnie Best, Macoun (or Spartan after we run out), and still a few Cortland too because they’re just so big and beautiful I had to save them from the press.


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