Picking Prairie Spies

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We picked the Prairie Spy apples this morning and I realized that I always seem to pick them when there’s a brisk northwest breeze. At the top of the tree, the apples are wind-polished and the breeze hits a little bit harder. Fingerless gloves are the right choice for a morning when the apples are wet and 36 degrees or so. Prairie Spies make for slow picking. Next year’s buds tend to come off with the apples, so we have to pick them carefully. It’s also the time of the year when I’m mentally cataloguing the pruning we’ll need to do come February. I think we skipped pruning those Spies last year; there’s no way we can skip them two years in a row. If you look at the top of the trees, you’ll see a few apples that are beyond the reach of the ladder.

Prairie Spy
The Prairie Spies are beauty queens this year.

This weekend, we’re looking forward to scarves, stocking caps, hot cider and a bonfire. Mike’s mom made me a new pair of mittens and I’m aiming to be cozy all weekend long. Rubber boots are still in order, just don’t forget your wool socks.

Ciders available this week: Jackalope (new!), Whippersnapper (probably Saturday only), MN Mule, Farm Dog Dry (Dogwood Coffee collaboration), Farm Dog Fresh (Dogwood Coffee collaboration), Cuban Garden Party, and the usuals (Scrumpy Original, Scrumpy Sweet, Cherry Rhubarb Scrumpy, Perennial, Northern Spy, Wassail)

Fruit available this week: Cortland, Haralson, Honeygold, Macintosh, Prairie Spy, and Regent. And, in limited quantities, Bonnie Best, Macoun, Scarlet Surprise, Spartan. No raw cider until next weekend.

Fruit available next week: Keepsake?

And a heads up: On Friday, October 21, we’ll be open at 6:00 to host the Good Vibes Trio. $10 cover at the door. Cider sampling and food from Chromatic Catering.

These poor Honeygold. Taste great, but they’re not winning any beauty contests this year.

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