Roundabout label, a batch-numbered hard cider

#6: Wassail
Released October 2015

We aged a blend of Minnesota-grown apples in Minnesota oak and then fortified it with spiced apple brandy. Like Roundabout #5, this cider shouldn’t be served too cold. Perfect for cold-weather cider drinking with warm, spicy undertones that are festive enough for any winter celebration.

#5: Rye Barrel-Aged
Released February 2015

This cider is matured in a rye whiskey barrel. Don’t serve this one too cold, or the temperature will drown out all the smooth nuance of the rye and the oak (aim for 50-55 degrees). Of all of the spirits aged in barrels, we think we like the combination of rye with cider the best.

#4: English Farmhouse
Released December 2014

We used the most tannic apples we grow at the orchard for this cider. It also involved our tallest apple tree, our tallest ladder and a tarp to collect as many apples as we could. It came out dry, tart, tannic, and incredibly well-balanced. We love it.

#3: Cherry Rhubarb
Released May 2014

We’re usually open at the orchard during blossom time, and this year’s late spring made that date over Memorial Day weekend. We were standing by the newly transplanted rhubarb patch, talking about our plans for the weekend, when we realized that we had a quintessentially-Minnesotan problem: more rhubarb than we could possibly use. So we thought about a rhubarb cider. And then, remembering the cherry syrup we had in the freezer from last summer’s bumper crop, we thought cherry rhubarb. We tasted it and we loved it, and so did everyone else who visited the orchard. We’ll be releasing it as Cherry Rhubarb Scrumpy in spring 2015.

#2: The Grand Compromise
Released September 2013

We went through a lot of hops and a lot of different types of hops to come up with this cider. At issue: Mike likes bitter hops and Gretchen likes citrusy hops. After about twenty rounds of testing and tasting, we came up with our solution, which was a hopped cider that was equal parts bitter and citrus. Look for the redux in summer 2015.

#1: Fresh Dolgo
Released October 2012

The Dolgo crabapple is tiny and tart with tropical undertones. It has a few fans for fresh eating and just a few more fans for jelly making. For our first Roundabout release, we used a Scrumpy base and added fresh Dolgo crabapple juice to it. Heavenly, and fondly remembered.