The Big and the Beautiful

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We’ve been picking some big and beautiful apples this week. The Wolf River are huge, no surprise, but the Fireside are gigantic and the Keepsake are the most beautiful we’ve ever seen.

Big and Beautiful Appes
From left: Haralson, Wolf River, Fireside, Connell Red (Red Fireside)

As if big and beautiful apples weren’t enough, we’ve got a couple of other reasons to come down to the orchard this weekend too: Gwen Anderson of Chromatic Catering will be here with a happy hour menu on Saturday between 2:30 and 5:30. The menu will include a bison pasty; a warm baguette stuffed with turkey, brie, cranberry, and cheddar; butternut squash-wild rice soup; honey-roasted brussel sprouts (with or without bacon); carrot cake with cream cheese frosting; and pumpkin muffins with dark chocolate chips.

We’re also coming out with Pumpkin Whippersnapper this week. After a tasty experiment last year, we decided to share Pumpkin Whippersnapper with you this year. We didn’t want to go the “pumpkin spice” route — just the pumpkin route — and so we fermented cider with Winter Luxury pumpkins. Like our regular Whippersnapper, we cut off the fermentation so that the cider’s still sweet, fizzy, and has a low ABV. We’ll have a limited number of jugs to sell each day this weekend.

Winter Luxury Pumpkin
Winter Luxury pumpkin

This weekend, October 23-24, is the last we’ll be open at the orchard this season, which is hard to believe given the gorgeous weather we’ve been having. Approaching the last weekend is bittersweet because, as you can well imagine, fall is an awfully busy time for us. But the last weekend open also means the the end of grandparents being down at the orchard every weekend, the end of cider donuts for the season, and, to be a total downer, the impending end of fall.

Keepsake apple
Keepsake apple

As we always do, we’re going to enjoy every minute of the amazing fall we’ve had. If it’s cold enough, we’ll certainly get the bonfire going this weekend. If we don’t catch you this weekend, perhaps we’ll see you the next time we’re open, which will be in January for wassailing.

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