The Fair, Pear Days of September

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We’re open this weekend, September 10 and 11, from 10:00-6:00! We’ve been picking apples and pears for six weeks, so we’re happy to finally be open for the fall, which has seemed a long time coming what with the early season.

Summercrisp pears
A banner year for the pear harvest

We’ll have four varieties of pears (Gourmet, Luscious, Nova, Jung) and at least six varieties of apples this weekend (SweeTango, Zestar!, Honeycrisp, Chestnut Crab, Ginger Gold, and some earlier varieties, depending on how they’ve fared in storage). We expect the SweeTango to sell out quickly, and be forewarned that our Honeycrisp are particularly ugly (though still delicious) given the frost injury they suffered in May.

A frost-damaged SweeTango on the tree
A frost-damaged SweeTango

On Sunday, join us for “The Fair Days of September” in which we take one last crack at feeling like it’s summer. Highlights include Fair-influenced food, courtesy of the imaginative and skilled Gwen Anderson of Chromatic Catering;¬†our Minnesota Mule cider that was previously only available at the State Fair (in bottles too!); a made-for-summer cider with lime and a bit of mint that might be even better than the Mule; a MN Mule Jr. kiddie cocktail; cider donuts in the style of mini donuts; and our own Machinery Hill! We love doing stuff like this.

MN Mule with the keg
Minnesota Mule cider, a special one we made just for Ball Park Cafe at the State Fair

If you want a quieter day, come visit on Saturday. If it’s extra quiet, I’m going to pull out all of the cheeses from Shepherd’s Way and attempt to pair them with the pears.

If you want a party, come celebrate with us on Sunday!

Ladder next to apple trees with crates on the ground
Summer picking

To look forward to next week: Sweet 16 and Red Baron apples and a special event — and two special ciders — with Dogwood Coffee on Saturday at 3:30.

Also happening nearby this weekend: The Defeat of Jesse James Days in Northfield

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