UK Cidermakers on Pondwater, Rats, and Slugs

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In February, we were lucky to go to Portland for the annual Cider Conference (CiderCon for short). Certainly we felt lucky to be wearing windbreakers and raincoats in February, probably driving native Portlanders crazy with our talk of how nice it was. The best part of being in Portland, though, came from visiting with the conference’s […]

Wassail 2016

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Wassail 2016 will be on Saturday, January 16 from 3:00-6:00. Join us for cider, a bonfire, toast & fixings, and an orchard walk to toast the orchard’s good health. Wassailing is a tradition in English cider orchards to wish the trees good health and a good harvest in the coming year. Though details differ from […]

And Now for Something a Little Different

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On Saturday, October 17, we’re doing a few things a little differently: How do fried grit cakes with a spicy remoulade sauce strike you? Or ground bison empanadas with chimichurri sauce? Or a new cider on our batch-numbered Roundabout label? Or an “after hours” jazz performance from a bass/drum/vibraphone trio? “Different” is sounding pretty good to us! […]

Northern Spy (cider, that is) and a preview of what’s yet to come this fall

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We’re so excited to have 2014’s vintage of Northern Spy in the bottle as of this Wednesday. It is a lovely golden color with a honeyed aroma and an assertive tartness that sparks your taste buds. Mike and I have tasted it only in small increments and so we’re each sitting down with a glass right now […]