Wassail 2016

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Wassail 2016 will be on Saturday, January 16 from 3:00-6:00. Join us for cider, a bonfire, toast & fixings, and an orchard walk to toast the orchard’s good health.

Toast in the trees 2

Wassailing is a tradition in English cider orchards to wish the trees good health and a good harvest in the coming year. Though details differ from orchard to orchard, the premise is the same: frighten away evil spirits from the orchard; welcome good spirits into the orchard; and express gratitude for the orchard’s abundance and wish it health for the upcoming year.

We’ll frighten away evil spirits with our bonfire and noisemaking; we’ll welcome good spirits by hanging toast from the tree; and we’ll toast the orchard and give a bit of cider back to it in appreciation of last year’s harvest. Our wassail is family friendly, so bring the kids. It’s BYON, so you can put them in charge of the “N,” which stands for “noisemakers” (pots and pans will certainly do, and we have one child’s tambourine left over from last year).

Saturday, January 16
Toast & cider (hard & sweet)
Bring a toast topping to share!

We’ll make our way out to the orchard at about dusk (4:30ish). Before and after, gather in the cidery or around the bonfire for cider and toast and good times. Feel free to bring your snowshoes or mukluks to enjoy a snowy walk in the orchard.

Wassail song, scissors, ribbon

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