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It is soggy. So soggy. And that’s despite escaping the worst of Wednesday’s rain. But rich, moisture retaining soil combined with nearly record-setting rain has made it awfully messy around here. It doesn’t stop our work, but does mean that we’re sometimes driving the Gator back as fast as we can when those raindrops start coming hard and fast.

Sweet 16 tree
It’s been a banner year for Sweet Sixteen apples.

We’ve had some indoor work to keep us occupied, though: we’ve been busy putting together Minnesota’s first farm cidery festival! It will be held on Saturday, October 1 from 6:00 to 9:00. We’re excited to host this event along with our friends at Keepsake Cidery, Milk and Honey CidersNumber 12 Cider House, and Wyndfall Cyder. These four cideries, plus us, represent the only orchard-based cideries in the metro area and it’s easy to pull this festival together with them because they’re so like-minded about apples and cider — firmly of the belief that good cider starts in the orchard. Though we’re excited for cider tasting in general, we’re especially excited for the seminar on cider apples and the ciders made from cider apples. We expect a lot of new tastes all around, which is always a great time.

Sweet 16
We waited as long as we could to pick the Sweet Sixteen. We wanted to get them as ripe as possible but wanted to pick them before they all fell off the tree.

We’ll also be hosting a dinner this Saturday with food by Gwen Anderson and music by Laura MacKenzie. We always look forward to Gwen’s inventive, delicious, and locally sourced menus. And the musical program by Laura promises to be amazing. She’ll actually be playing music on instruments made from apple, pear, and plum wood. Our contribution to an evening other than the norm will be in our smoked cider.

Ciders available this week: New this week is Whippersnapper and a sneak peak of TIGER BEAR. We’ll also have MN Mule, Farm Dog Dry (Dogwood Coffee collaboration), Farm Dog Fresh (Dogwood Coffee collaboration), Cuban Garden Party, and the usuals (Scrumpy Original, Scrumpy Sweet, Cherry Rhubarb Scrumpy, Perennial, Northern Spy)

Fruit available this week: Honeycrisp, Red McIntosh, Sweet 16, Nova pears, Luscious pears, Jung pears. Also available this week: sweet cider.

Fruit available next week: Shamrock, Macintosh, Cortland, Ruby Jon, and possibly Honeygold and Haralson

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