Adolescent Apples

I’ve been spending a lot of time with the second-leaf apple trees (that’s what growers call the trees in their second year in the ground) and it’s been nothing but a pleasure to get up close and personal with these trees, spend quality time outside in the orchard, and get a sneak preview of apple varieties that we’ve never encountered before.

When I go outside, my camera’s never far away, so enjoy these midsummer photos!

Pruning 2019

Until February hit, it looked like it was going to be an easy pruning season — easy as in being able to get around the orchard. Sixty inches of snow later, I’m leaving the ladder behind and pruning with snowshoes!

All of February’s snow and cold has made for a late but beautiful pruning season. And in addition to pruning, I’ve also had to stomp down the snow around the young trees since the snow was as high as the tree guards, leaving the trees susceptible to girdling from voles. (Girdling occurs when bark is removed in a strip along the trunk, leaving the tree unable to move nutrients to the top of the tree from the roots.)

You can tell I’m not working too hard yet since I’ve been able to take lots of photos! Enjoy!

Wassail 2019

Wassailing is an old and lovely orchard tradition, all about toasting the health of the trees in the coming year. To wassail this year, we invite you out to the orchard on Saturday, January 12 and the festivities go from 2:00 to 6:00.

Making toast ornaments to hang on the trees

Making toast ornaments to hang on the trees

We'll have our annual toast bar (bring a topping to share if you'd like), lots of cider to drink, and a roaring bonfire. It's a great time to get out and enjoy the orchard and our grounds, so bring your skates for the pond or go for a walk (or ski or snowshoe) in the orchard. At dusk, around 4:30ish, we'll all proceed out to the orchard together to toast the orchard's health for the coming year, which will involve singing, noisemaking, and giving back a bit of cider to the orchard.

Come Wassail with us this year!