October 12-13

Brrrr!!! And yet I’m glad to be in Minnesota instead of North Dakota today!


We’e got a great apple line-up today as we start getting into some of the later-season varieties:

  • Haralson: a Minnesota classic. Crunchy and tart, a standby for pie and acid lovers.

  • Bonnie Best: a great pie apple that cooks up to the perfect texture.

  • Liberty: a tart apple from the McIntosh family that we use quite a bit for cider.

  • Ruby Jon: a member of the Jonathan family with an extra-dark skin that bleeds a bit into the flesh

  • Prairie Spy: a muted tartness and an incredibly dense texture make the Prairie Spy a favorite for long-term storage.

  • Regent: a U of M release that combines sweet, tart, and crunch.

  • Connell Red: a sibling of Fireside with the same flavor profile.

  • Fireside: another U of M release. Its low acidity prompts comparisons to pears.

  • Honeygold: what a pleasure this apple is. It’s juicy, crunchy, and sweet with just a hint of tart to it that keeps it interesting.

  • Snowball. Not an apple! More of a commentary on the weather.


Our extra taste we have this week belongs to the Chisel Jersey, which is a cider variety. These apples were grown on second-year trees so we don’t have enough for you to take home, but please be sure to try a taste of this “spitter” and see why it’s a variety that’s great for making cider.

Next week we’ll be hosting a special day on Friday, October 17:

  • We’ll have our annual Kids Day from 10:00-4:00 with crafts for elementary schoolers and an orchard scavenger hunt for tweens. Kids get a free cider donut!

  • We’ll fire up the wood-fired oven for Heggies pizzas starting at 5:00.

  • And that night, we’ll host a cider and snack food pairing, which is a ticketed event (ticket link to come soon). Learn formal principles of cider pairing . . .but applied to snack food. Should be fun!