October 18-20

We have a busy weekend here at the orchard!

For the only time this season, we’re open on Friday for Kids Day. We have a lot of crafts perfect for elementary-aged kids including an apple turkey, a dried leaf wreath, and apple/peanut butter/mini marshmallow snack, and a scavenger hunt. New this year is a scavenger hunt for older kids too that will keep them occupied in the orchard for quite a while, we think. Kids: turn in your scavenger hunt sheets for a free cider donut!


Later tonight we’ll fire up the wood-fired oven to start making some Heggies pizzas and we’ll be open late — ‘til 8:30.

Also tonight is something new to us: it’s a cider and snack food pairing event where we cover formal principles of pairing food with cider, and then match up each of our ciders to a snack food. I am really looking forward to having fun with folks on this one. Reserve your spot! The photos below aren’t necessarily the pairings. We hope you’ll be delightfully surprised!

And, of course, we have apples this week too!

  • Haralson: a tart Minnesota classic

  • Airlie’s Red Flesh: a small tart apple that’s slightly bitter but . . .it’s got flesh streaked with pink!

  • Bonnie Best: a great pie apple that cooks up to a perfect flavor and texture.

  • Regent: crunchy and slightly tart. A good all-arounder.

  • Cortland: if you’re making sauce this weekend, this is the apple to get

  • Honeygold: an exceedingly pleasant apple with crunch, juice, and a delightful sweet-tart balance

  • Snowsweet: a U of M release that is on the sweeter side and is definitely a customer favorite

  • Prairie Spy: an excellent keeper, good for eating and pie, and one of the better-kept secrets of the U of M’s breeding program

  • Fireside: sweeter with less acid than other U of M apple varieties, it’s been a great season for this variety.

  • Macoun (not pictured): a member of the McIntosh family with white flesh and an intriguingly complex flavor

  • Ruby Jon (not pictured): a dark red version of the popular southern apple, the Jonathan. Delicious and beautiful.