October 26-27

To celebrate our tenth harvest, we’re closing our season out with a bang! On Saturday at 3:00, we’ll have the Great Northern Border dance troupe performing dances traditionally associated with English orcharding traditions. And then at 4:30, we’ll have intuitive psychic, Christine Schroeder, here to do ten-minute psychic readings until 7:30 ($10). Lastly, it’s a “cook your own sausage on the bonfire” night with your choice of an Odenthal’s brat, an Odenthal’s polish, or an Herbivorous Butcher apple brat. It’s a beautiful day to celebrate this year’s bountiful harvest and we hope you can join us!

Speaking of a bountiful harvest, the apples we have this weekend are kind of ridiculous, just in terms of the varieties we have available this weekend.

2019-10-26 14.22.26.jpg
  • Northwestern Greening: a classic choice for a baked apple

  • Haralson: Minnesotans’ longtime choice for pie and the apple of choice for tart apple lovers

  • Calville Blanc: new this year! A classic French culinary variety

  • Bonnie Best: a superlative pie apple

  • Snowsweet: a sweet apple released from the U of M

  • Regent: a pleasant sweet-tart apple

  • Sweet Sixteen: one of our favorites with a cherry popsicle flavor

  • Fireside: sweet with less acid

  • Winter Banana: new this year! An heirloom variety worth a try

  • Keepsake: a parent of Honeycrisp, you can definitely note the family resemblance — except this apple has higher sugar and better flavor

  • Golden Russet: so sweet and so delicious in cider