September 21-22

We’re into mid-season apples here and we have some real gems — especially historical gems — to share with you today.


Today we’re looking at the following varieties:

  • Hybernal: tart and an extremely old variety that’s out of fashion. Used in the early 1900’s in Minnesota apple growing to achieve cold hardiness.

  • Macintosh: a classic discovered in Ontario in 1884. Perfect for sauce and sandwiches.

  • Chestnut Crab: released by the U of M in 1947, a crunchy and sweet gem.

  • Honeycrisp: enough said!

  • Ginger Gold: our last week of these, a sweet and crunchy crowd pleaser.

  • Jung pear: not too many pears this year after last year’s bumper crop. The kids have been eating these like crazy!