Getting Ready for Our Long Winter's Nap

The seven inches of snow we got the first weekend of December has made orchard work impossible, so nature’s forced us to turn our attention elsewhere. Mike is happy to begin this year’s distilling and I’m happy to spend some time in the kitchen using all of the bounties of our harvest and our friends’ harvests.

2018-12-02 13.46.57 Snow-Covered First Year Trees.jpg

Even though we’re enjoying a slower pace of life, at least until pruning begins in February, we’re still here should you need some apple butter, Borealis or any other cider for a gift this year. Feel free to drop us a line or just submit an order at our Holidays 2018 page.

Open This Saturday!

We’ve got one more Saturday in the barn this season!

Join us on Saturday, November 17 between 10:00 and 4:00 for late season aples, fresh-pressed cider, cider donuts, farm bread, apple butter, Whippersnapper, and cider, of course.

GoldRush apple

GoldRush apple

If you’re not able to make it on Saturday, you can still bring home some goodies for your Thanksgiving by ordering online at and picking up anytime before Thanksgiving.

Available Ciders

  • Scrumpy Original

  • Rustic Apple

  • Cherry Rhubarb

  • Perennial

  • Northern Spy

  • Wassail

  • Borealis

  • Whippersnapper

  • Pumpkin Whippersnapper

Available Apple Varieties

  • Fireside

  • GoldRush

  • Golden Russet

  • Keepsake

  • Liberty

  • Regent

Available This Weekend

This weekend is our last regular weekend of the year that we’re open, but we’ll open one more day this season — Saturday, November 17 — for your Thanksgiving prep. We’ll also be taking pre-orders for apples, cider, cider donuts, and Whippersnapper that you can pick up anytime from the 17th through Thanksgiving (and even after).

Available this weekend: Connell Red, Fireside, Keepsake, Liberty, Northern Spy, Northern Spy, Northwest Greening, Prairie Spy, Regent, and SnowSweet apples.

Also, Pumpkin Whippersnapper!

2018-10-12 17.14.32 Northern Spy.jpg

Available This Weekend

Available this weekend: Airlie’s Red Flesh, Bonnie Best, Connell Red, Cortland, Fireside, Haralson, Keepsake, Liberty, Prairie Spy, and Regent apples.

Join us for Kids Day on Friday, October 19 with activities and free cider and donuts for kids from 10:00 to 4:00. (No cider tastings during kids’ activities.)

After 4:00, we’ll start doing cider tastings and get ready for paella at 5:30 and the Good Vibes jazz trio at dusk. $10 cover also includes a glass of cider ($5 for kids).

The Liberty taste great this year — best crop of them ever

The Liberty taste great this year — best crop of them ever

Next weekend is our last weekend of our regular season but we’ll be open again on Saturday, November 17 for pre-Thanksgiving stocking up.