Festival of Farms on July 12

The Sustainable Farming Association of Minnesota sponsors its Festival of Farms tour this Saturday, July 12. This year’s tour will leave from Just Food Co-op in Northfield at 9 am, visit Waxwing Farm for an hour, and then come to the orchard for tours and hard cider samples.

If you want to ride the bus from the co-op, register at Eventbrite; or, you can come here directly at about 10:00 am.

Photo of Cortland applet

Cortland applet

What can you expect to see? Lots of little golf ball-sized apples, the newly planted section of the orchard, and the expanded cidery. Mike also hopes to demonstrate our flail chopper out in the orchard and, of course, we’ll pour some hard cider samples: Scrumpy Original, Scrumpy Sweet, Roundabout #3 (cherry rhubarb), and Northern Spy. No cider for the kids, but Fletcher promises to occupy them while you’re busy tasting.

New Hard Cider Trees in the Orchard

We just finished up our first large-scale planting of new trees in the orchard. Whew! It was a little more work than we’d expected since it wasn’t just a simple matter of putting trees in the ground.

Fletcher overlooking the new trees

Instead, it was planting trees PLUS preventing something called “orchard replant disease” PLUS preventing weeds PLUS a preemptive strike against deer, voles, and rabbits.

We wrote a bit about our late fall and winter preparations, but here’s how the whole process went: Read more

Apple Blossom Weekend & Hard Cider Tasting

We’ve been watching and waiting . . .and the apple trees still haven’t blossomed. We’ve been trying to anticipate their bloom date to invite folks down to enjoy the blossoms and get a chance to taste the first ciders from 2013′s crop.

Zestar blossom-in-progress

Zestar blossom-in-progress

Although predicting nature is never a good idea, we have the highest hopes that the trees will be blooming over Memorial Day weekend and so we’re planning to be open on the Saturday and Sunday of that weekend (the 24th and the 25th).

Come visit! Enjoy the blossoms, try the hard cider, tour the cidery (at 11:00 and 3:00 both days), and let Fletcher know that he’s not forgotten.

We’re looking forward to seeing you and drinking some hard cider with you!

Keepsake blossom-in-progress

Keepsake blossom-in-progress