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Open for Apple Blossoms

We’re so happy to be open this weekend on Saturday, May 6 for apple blossoms. We regret the delay in making the announcement, but it’s always tricky to predict when the trees will be in blossom. In fact, we might be open a day next weekend too, depending on the nature of the warm-up toward […]

Wassail 2017

Wassail 2017 will be on Saturday, January 14 from 3:00-6:00. Join us for cider, a bonfire, toast & fixings, and an orchard walk to toast the orchard’s good health. Wassailing is a tradition in English cider orchards to wish the trees good health and a good harvest in the coming year. Though details differ from […]

Closed for the Season

Although the weather is beautiful, we’re no longer open for the fall 2016 apple season. All of the apples are picked and waiting in the cooler to be pressed. Enjoy the lovely weather.

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