Mike & Gretchen Perbix

Sweetland Orchard is owned by Mike & Gretchen Perbix and operated with the help of their families and friends. Photo by Jennifer Simonson.

If you're interested in what got us into orcharding and some of our growing and cidermaking philosophy, read Kara Larson's piece from Make It Minnesota.


Sam Falbo

Sam Falbo is a man of many talents. While he might be best known for his work designing our labels, you may not know that he’s an affable bartender, an efficient apple picker, and a semi-skilled pruner. Sam and his family have also sold apples for us at the farmers market and taken photos at the orchard, including two of the photos on our homepage. He also designed a poster and t-shirts for us. 

Grandmas and Grandpas on the Gator.JPG

Our family

Our family, especially our parents, put in a lot of time at the orchard during the fall. Mike's mom, Linda, is keen to pick apples. Gretchen's mom, Dianne, helps out in the kitchen. And the guy who greets you every time you come here? That's Mike's dad, Dick. 

Beyond our parents, other family members help out at the orchard too:

  • Gretchen's sister, Tia, helps cashier in the barn from time to time

  • Mike's brother, Chuck, helps with big projects (like the fence)

  • Gretchen's uncle, Keith, helps pour at the tasting bar