Our ciders tend to be tart and dry, making the most of Minnesota's unique apple heritage. You can find them seasonally at the orchard, at a number of stores in the Twin Cities metro area, or you can buy them online directly from us here at the orchard.

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Scrumpy Original

Scrumpy Original is a dry, tart cider made from the best of Minnesota apples. We love tannic British ciders, so Original is an attempt to split the difference between a classic, tart Minnesota cider and a tannic British cider. 

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Rustic Apple

Rustic Apple starts with our standard cider made from a blend of Minnesota apples, and then we blend it with fresh-pressed cider. The result tastes like our cooler smells in the fall: apples in wooden crates.


Cherry Rhubarb

We made this cider on a whim in 2014: we were standing in front of the newly-expanded rhubarb patch, wondering if we could make a delicious rhubarb cider. The answer was "no." Then we remembered the cherry syrup we had in the freezer as a result of 2013's bumper crop that Gretchen got tired of pitting. You know how that turned out. We love to share this cider with folks who think it'll be just another too-sweet fruit cider. Instead, they get a delicately-flavored cider that tastes of apples, tart cherries and rhubarb that's definitely not too sweet.



Perennial is made from heirloom apples, usually not University of Minnesota-developed varieties. The result is very subtle tannins and lower acid than our other ciders made from bona fide Minnesota varieties. A few extra bubbles make Perennial a brunch favorite and an excellent mixer. 


Northern Spy

Northern Spy is a single-variety cider made from just Northern Spy apples. It's one of the first we made back in 2010 when we bought the orchard and one of the first we sold in 2012. Northern Spy is loved for its assertive acidity, long finish, bright apple flavor, and its ability to pair with any cuisine. Our Thanksgiving table isn't complete without it.



Wassail is made from a blend of Minnesota-grown apples, aged on oak to attenuate its acid, and then blended with a spiced apple brandy. In the past we've used others' brandy but now that we have our distillery license, we're proud to use our own.



Borealis is ice cider, made from Minnesota apples and Minnesota winters. Cold weather -- freezing cold weather -- is essential for making ice cider. And Minnesota apples, with their high acid content, are crucial to making an ice cider that's not cloyingly sweet. We concentrate juice through freezing weather and then ferment that concentrate. The residual sweetness ends up at the level of fresh-pressed cider with an ABV of around 13.5%.



Roundabout is our batch-numbered label, which we use for teeny tiny or experimental batches. Not sure what's in a Roundabout you have at home or a Roundabout on the shelf? Take a look.