Plan Your Visit

We're open from 10:00-6:00 on Saturdays and Sundays starting on Saturday, September 7 and ending on Sunday, October 27. We’ll also be open on Saturday, November 23 for your pre-Thanksgiving stocking up.

We occasionally schedule special events that you can see on our Orchard Updates page, but most days we hope you can spend a quiet day in the country; sample apples and cider (or enjoy a whole glass); visit with the dogs, chickens, and pigs; and learn as much as you like about cider and apples.

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Taste Apples

Apples are at the heart of our business and we love to introduce you to new varieties or encourage you to try a a forgotten classic. In any given week, we usually have eight to twelve apple or pear varieties to try. See what's ripe this week.

Today's Cider Line-up.JPG

Try Cider

If you've never visited before, we'll always have our standards available -- our scrumpies, Northern Spy, and Perennial. And if you're already familiar with our year-long ciders, there's always something new to try too. New in 2018 is our freshly-pressed single-variety juice flight and our high-proof flight that includes a cider-based vermouth, ice cider, and pommeau.

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Take a Walk

We're not a pick-your-own orchard, but you're welcome to take a walk in the orchard. Dogs are welcome too, as long as they're well behaved and on a (non-retractable) leash.


Enjoy a Picnic

We have some food at the orchard -- farm bread, Shepherd's Way cheese, cider donuts, Odenthal’s snack sticks and jerky, caramel apples, apple turnovers -- and apples and cider, of course. But you're also welcome to bring in food. We have chairs and picnic tables near the barn and also a few picnic tables scattered around the orchard.